Hello, World.

I am Remi Nazin, PhD
Ergonomist & Designer


More About Me.

As a Designer, and a Doctor in Ergonomics, I specialized in approaches related to Domain Engineering and Model-based Systems Engineering, I mobilize knowledge and advanced tools to carry out innovative projects.

But all that started with my training as a philosopher and a cognitician. All this background allowed me to take apart theories and models in order to use them more wisely.

Design is no magic or some fancy data based I/O process. It's all about building actionable knowledge. It's not a science and it's not a craft, it's already a form of engineering.

And then, since it's always nice to feel like a Renaissance Man, I'm also an amateur chef, I can disassemble and reassemble a bike and I recently got into film photography.


What I Do.

  • UX Design

    At the heart of UX design lies the ability to observe and model user behaviour. Using proper data from qualitative and quantitative research I make predictive usage models that are valuable in order to assert product quality and identify friction points. I also use objective tools such as heuristics or general models in order to conduct accessibility audits that are oftenly precious when untertaking a product redesign.

  • UI / Mock-ups

    The ability to have reliable technical reports and documentation has become a major challenge in the realization of digital projects. Great efforts from UX should come to fruition in useful informational tools such as mock-ups, diagrams, uml models so that the developers and the other team members can work effectively.

  • Training and Teaching

    UX Design is part of a specific work culture with its own values and specificities. It's an incredibly powerful tool provided that everyone in the project understand what it means to take a human-centered approach and in this respect designers have a great educational and technical responsibility.


The basics


What I know about

Career and Education



2014 - 2019

Loria x PErSEUs

Doctoral Engineer Scholarship

  • Courses and supervision of educational projects
  • Publication and international scientific communication
  • Collaboration with the NASA Ames Research Center on the development of modeling tools for human performance (MIDAS project)
  • Development of formal ergonomic evaluation criteria
  • Design and supervision of the production of a virtual / augmented reality assistance platform to the graphic gesture in 3D space

  • 2015 - 2020



  • Councilman to the University Life of the metropolis of Grand Nancy
  • Organization of national workshops on doctoral research issues
  • Design of a multi-purpose workspace for doctoral students at CLSH Nancy

  • 2013

    UX/UI designer

    Netlor Concept

  • snj.lu: Front-end / back-end ergonomic design of a management platform
  • Implementation of a responsive grid within the Dims CMS platform
  • Design of a semantic workspace for Electronic Document Management

  • Education


    Universite de Lorraine

    PhD in Ergonomics

    Theoretical human-machine ergonomics; What theoretical foundations for a safer design ?
    DGA-MRIS full grant [110k €]


    IDMC, Nancy

    Master's Degree

    Applied Cognitive Sciences, specialization in Behavioural Analysis and Interactional Engineering


    Universite Nancy2


    Philosophy, Epistemology & Mathematical Logics

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    Selected and interesting projects.


    A multi-purpose space dedicated to PhD candidates.

  • Creation of user profiles / Analysis of needs
  • Litterature review
  • Establishment of space plans
  • Creation of architectural models and prototyping using CAD in Architecture
  • snj.lu

    Complete frontend/backend redesign of the logistics management platform for animators.

  • Specification Analysis
  • Mock-up
  • Userflows / Taskflows
  • Dims CMS

    Design for the CMS major release : setup of the responsive grid system, design of the template editor.

  • Functional Analysis
  • Mock-up
  • Userflows / Taskflows
  • Dims EDM

    Concept and prototype for a semantic Electronic Document Management system.


    Music streaming app dedicated to independent music using AI as database support and different recommendation systems to improve the user experience.

  • Design and programming of the AI
  • UXresearch and Benchmarking
  • Mock-ups / Userflows
  • People I've worked with